Project 1

project1logo_b_webpostWho is your 1 that God has placed in your life for you to invest yourself into in order to invite them to join you on the journey of faith?  This is a simple question that if left unasked or unanswered will leave you missing a key component of following Christ as a disciple.  Here at Salem, we believe that God has not only called all believers to join Him in the call to make disciples, but He has also uniquely equipped, gifted and placed each believer in their neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, and schools in order to do just that.

During the month of December we are launching an initiative designed to challenge believers to live on mission by first of all asking God to show you 1 person that you interact with on a regular basis (at home, work, school, gas station, hair salon, store, etc…) who is not currently involved in any church.**  If you are unable to think of such a person, we are asking you to pray about places you can begin to go to (such as coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, etc…) where you can get to know others who aren’t involved in church.  Once God has laid that person on your heart, we are asking you to commit to pray for them throughout the month of December and to intentionally invest in a genuine relationship with them.  The goal is to invite them to join you in our Sunday School Small Groups and our Christmas Celebration services in December as well as to engage in spiritual conversations after the event about what they heard and saw.

Will you engage and commit to pray for, invest in and invite at least one person during the month of December?

**Please note:  this is not intended to limit you to just 1 person.  It is simply a place to start.

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